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Gröna Gredelina offers fragrant, natural home and skin care without unnecessary additives.

Green Gredelina takes a starting point in several Italian basic values and traditions such as style, raw material and handmade moments. We Create natural home and skincare from the ground up. No intermediaries and with production in our own production facility in Stockholm enable us to offer exclusive, genuine organic ingredients in efficient products at affordable prices. Green Gredelina offers natural home and skin care created from scratch. The Products are natural and without synthetic additives. They are manufactured with care and consideration for genuinely tried and old recipes. A mix of traditional thinking, modern looks and exquisite raw materials. The Key to the future is in our history that we combine with a classic and sustainable design.

About Us

Gröna Gredelina AB is a family business founded and run by Lina Paciello. Lina, which has its roots in southern Italy, has taken much of the product philosophy from there and tied it together with Nordic simplicity. We want to peel off and remove all that is unnecessary in a product and introduce the simple and effective Mediterranean traditions into our present day. "Back to Basics" simply.

Our Mission: Natural organic home and skincare. 

We have made to our mission to develop Mediterranean recipes with everyone's best in mind, show that organic home and skin care created from scratch can be at least as fine, fragrant, enjoyable and without sacrificing pure, natural ingredients. We believe that the key to the future is in our history combined with a classic and sustainable design. We warmly recommend these products to anyone who wants to kemikalierensa and avoid toxins in their home environment. They are specially designed for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and toddlers. We use only the finest ingredients and the products easily smells of natural essential oils.

Product Philosophy: Wisely produced – considering nature and you.

We are proud of the content of our products. Therefore, we are uncompromising in both packaging and content. 
The vast majority Of products are also handmade. Green Gredelinas products contain as few ingredients as possible, all natural and most fragrant. You should be able to easily understand what they contain and what they are good for. We choose only the best ingredients, harmful ingredients such as paraben, sulfates and mineral oils and synthetic surfactants you will not find in the Green Gredelinas product range. We choose only fragrances of finest essential oil or phthalate and herbal perfume oils. All containing the least possible allergen content. The Products are tested on Line and of course not on animals.

Fragrances from Perfume House in Grasse.

The fragrances in our products are important to us, fragrance creates so much well-being and is strongly linked to our minds, therefore we collaborate with an excellent perfume house in the south of France, Grasse. They have developed fragrances and perfumes for more than 160 years and we are proud to offer these fragrances in our products.

Grönan Gredelina is a proud supporter to the charity Hand in hand

Hand in hand combat poverty through sustainable entrepreneurship. They focus on women and help them start their own business activities so that they can take themselves and their families out of poverty in their own power. Hand-in-hand has a unique model for self-help, where they organize the poor in the groups and train them in entrepreneurship and provide access to microloans, a sustainable method. Read more about our charity work This.

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