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Read the story about Gröna Gredelina in the magazine “About that look”

About that look is an online magazine that is here to inspire all of you beautiful creatives out there!  It is an online platform that is devoted to sharing fashion tips with trendy and vintage elements through various creative outlets.

About that look is here to create a tribe that elebrates all creative ideas and stories from individuals across the World. Our main focus is to share a light on the strenghts, goals and struggles that many of us experince and use as key motivators in moving forward in life.










It is an honest platform that discusses the reality and honesty of todays norms within the fashion industry. It is the one and only website that shares psychological life facts and tips in how not to get lost and mainly love ourselves from within.

We believe Fashion and Creativity is and should be for everyone!

“Gröna Gredelina creates natural and ecological products tha take care of our homes and clothes.”


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