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Organic Hair Care

Organic hair care based on simple but effective ingredients. Natural, organic and free from additives. Green Gredelinas Hair Care is unisex and uniage as we usually say, i.e. everyone should be able to use them regardless of age or gender.

Our products are often made by hand, most of them in Stockholm, with a lot of care and after old genuine recipes. Even if our hair care products are simple and unadorned, we do not give up on them to make a luxurious feeling and fragrance. Of course our products are not tested on animals and contain no toxic chemicals or unnecessary additives or parabens. Parabens that are mostly used for preservation purposes can be highly allergenic and in larger quantities also cause of cancer. Our hair care range includes natural oils for dry ends, dry shampoo and Aleppotvål. Aleppotvål is used by many as a shampoo, the so-called Nopoo method. There is also spray that gives a lovely beacheffekt on the hair.