Bath salts

Organic bath salts and scrubs

Green Gredelina offers a natural assortment of organic bath salts and scrubs to the body made from natural ingredients of the finest quality. Naturally Organic and several of them based on very old beneficial recipes.


For Example, our Therapy bath is based on pink Himalayasalt, hibiscus and dried cherries. It is as much therapy for the mind as for the body. A bath salts inspired by the former sitting in salt caves to inhale the salt vapors. Organic Skin and body care based on simple but effective ingredients. Natural, organic and free from additives. Skin and body care products that are unisex and uniage as we usually say. I.E. Everyone should be able to use them regardless of age or gender. Our products are often made by hand. Most People in Stockholm, with a lot of care and after old genuine recipes. Although our skin and body care products are simple and unadorned, we do not give up the feeling that they should lodge a luxurious feel and fragrance,