Gröna Gredelina offers a wide range of Aleppotvål in both solid and liquid form. All Our soaps have the same base on the olive and bearing oil. They are organic and completely free from paraben and palm oil. They are made according to Aleppometoden which is The same since The 1400 century.


Aleppotvål is based on simple but effective ingredients, natural, organic and free from additives. Skin and body care products that are unisex and uniage as we usually say, i.e. everyone should be able to use them regardless of age or gender. Our products are often produced by hand, most in Stockholm, not aleppotvålen However, it is made by a tvålmakare from Aleppo in Syria. After old genuine recipes. Even if our skin and body care products are simple and unadorned, we do not give the impression that they should lodge a luxurious feeling and fragrance, why choose between cool content and a stylish product? As much brain as heart and eye is our motto. Of Course our products are not tested on animals and contain no toxic chemicals or unnecessary additives or parabens. Parabens most commonly used for preservation purposes can be highly allergenic.