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Organic Cleaning Products

Organic cleaning Products but also dishes for the management of your home that are natural, cool produced in Stockholm and stylish, we think.

We at Gröna Gredelina believe that the key to a sustainable future lies in our history and our history begins in southern Italy, Amalfi and a Slowliving Mediterranean concept. The story then continues via Grasse and lands in Stockholm. The cleaning and dishwashing products we have developed are based on genuine ingredients and old recipes for you to be able to clean your home and wash up naturally without any synthetic additives. Cleaning, washing and washing dishes without sacrificing fragrance or quality. Our scents and dried herbs and flowers all come from organic plantations in the south of France. We have developed these organic cleaning products for those who want effective detergents but are kind to you and the environment while they are also nice to have in front. Brain, heart and eye are our motto.